Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Financial Coach and an advisor?
Many clients compare their Financial Coach to their personal trainer. Your coach will work with you to get clarity on your goals and collaborate with you to build a roadmap to achieve your goals. You’ll meet regularly and your coach will serve as your accountability partner and can help you boost your financial confidence. A Financial Coach can also help you to break through any emotional or mental barriers you have when it comes to managing your personal finances.

Financial advisors are licensed professionals who can provide investment advice and offer services to manage your investment portfolios. The services offered by a financial advisor can vary and range from comprehensive financial planning, navigating complex tax or estate planning issues impacting your money, and building wealth over the long term.

Both Financial Coaches and advisors can play an integral role in supporting your financial independence!
How does Willow match me with a Financial Coach?
Before matching you with a coach, you will be asked to complete several questions so we can learn more about your life journey and your coaching goals. Willow will match you with a coach with experience working with other women on your life journey and who has demonstrated knowledge, experience and competence in helping women with similar financial goals. Before a Financial Coach can join the Willow platform, they have been vetted and interviewed. Each Verified Willow Financial Coach has been carefully selected to ensure they uphold our core values of trust, empathy, respect and collaboration.
How does Willow protect my privacy?
We know that not everyone is comfortable talking about their finances or sharing personal details. That’s why you can remain anonymous on the Willow platform. Let your guard down and ask away! Your information is always kept private.

We also never sell your personal information and only share it with your selected advisor or coach. Learn more in our privacy policy here.
How much does Willow cost?
Coaching programs are bundled in subscriptions: $295 for 1-month, $795 for 3-month, and $1,895 for 12-month programs.
How are Willow coaches and advisors paid?
When you purchase a financial coaching package, a portion of the fee is paid to your financial coach. When you hire an advisor to manage your assets, the advisor also pays an average AUM (Assets Under Management) fee of 20 basis points (BPS) in perpetuity to Willow. Willow’s advisor fees are in line with industry standards.
Is Financial Coaching for me?
Are limiting money beliefs holding you back? Have financial questions and not sure who to ask? Have a plan but want a second opinion? Have a specific goal you want to achieve? Yes, coaching might be right for you.
What are the benefits of working with a Financial Coach?
A Financial Coach works with you to help you achieve your financial goals, your way.

Your goals sit at the center of every relationship, and our coaches provide knowledgeable support and encouragement to help you achieve them. You deserve a collaborative partner who can guide you through the complexities of your financial journey with candor and compassion. In working with a Willow Coach, you will reflect on your current financial situation, discuss your money questions, and build an action plan for you to reach your goals. Plus, you’ll deepen your financial awareness and learn to implement healthy financial habits to reduce stress and increase confidence.
How long do I work with my Coach?
Willow offers a 1-month, 3-month program and a year-long program that can be customized further to meet your unique needs.
How much information should I share with my Coach?
It’s up to you. You can share anything you would like with your coach and your information is kept confidential. Each coaching engagement is customized for your needs and many clients use Willow tools such as the My Money Snapshot and the Goal Tracker to keep track of their coaching progress. Your Willow Coach will explain more in your first complimentary session.
What if I don't like my Coach?
If you don’t feel that your Willow Coach is a good fit, you may request another match at any time.
Does my Financial Coach work for Willow?
Verified Willow Financial Coaches manage their own coaching practice and are not directly employed by Willow Networks, Inc.
Do the advisors on your platform work for Willow?
Willow Partner Advisors do not work for Willow, rather they work for a registered investment advisory firm (RIA) or a broker dealer. Use this form to get matched with a Willow Financial Advisor.
What are the range of fees that a Willow Advisor can charge?
Financial advisors (wealth managers and financial planners) frequently charge a fee based on the services they provide to you. Many annual advisory fees range from 0.50% to 1.5% of the market value of the assets under management (AUM). Other advisors will charge a fixed hourly or annual fee instead.

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