Celebrating Financial Success

By Willow Editorial Team

As we soak up those last days of sunshine, it’s important to take time to reflect on the past few months. Despite all the challenges we’ve faced this year, you likely have made some progress toward your 2020 goals — anything counts here, especially given the circumstances! — and we encourage you to always celebrate success. 


The pandemic has changed how we work with many of us acclimating to a new schedule or environment. While it might feel difficult to see the big picture, don’t discount your contributions and achievements thus far. To help you acknowledge your wins —  big or small — check out these three tips: 


Track your progress

Look at what you have achieved since the start of the pandemic and see how much progress you’ve made towards your financial goals. Achievements should be celebrated, not discounted! Setbacks are completely normal and to be expected, and it’s important to be kind to yourself and keep in mind we’re all facing unruly factors. Pull out your calendar, review your old to-do lists, and make notes on what you’ve accomplished along your financial journey over the past 6 months. 


Reframe your mindset 

Getting clarity on your financial goals is key to building wealth. Over time, our needs may change and it’s important check in with yourself to see if your goals have changed. This is a valuable exercise to do with a partner, too! 

Planning for your financial wellness does not always have to be seen as a chore. As with anything else, a positive mindset can lighten the heavy feeling that’s often associated with personal finance for many women. 


Set achievable goals that will motivate you 

We all love that feeling of crossing things off our to-do list! Building momentum along your financial journey is a powerful way to make progress toward your goals. Start by setting small goals you know you can achieve in the next week, then month, and build your list from there. For example, building a spending plan that’s aligned to your current needs and values is a common goal. Especially during the pandemic, you may be interested in refreshing your budget and reevaluating how you spend. 


As you start crossing items off your list, stop and recognize the healthy financial mindset and habits you’re establishing. The process of achieving your goals, from documenting to making progress towards to crushing, is one to celebrate. As you hit your money milestones, keep the momentum and celebration going! 

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